Wakanda Celebration: A Vehicle for Pan African Consciousness

Wakanda Celebration: A Vehicle for Pan African Consciousness

Wakanda Celebration

As a socio-cultural movement, Pan-Africanism is an ideology of African unity based on affirming Africa as a place of belonging, both physically and psychologically. Pan-Africanist thought offers critical and more refined insights into the intersecting and interlinked experiences of Africans.

A central thrust emphasizes Afrocentric consciousness and the renewal of collective pride in African culture. A pan-Africanist lens shows how the legend of common biological or ethnic origins and cultural values promotes ideas about membership to a national collective. Many pan-African ideas of African unity are seen through theorizations of Negritude, Afrocentricity, black nationalism, and black consciousness.  

Given the logic of the Pan-Africanist thought, people of African descent have a great deal in common, a fact that deserves celebration. In the words of the great Kwame Nkrumah, a proponent of Pan-Africanism and the former President of Ghana: 

“All People of African descent, whether they live in North or South America, the Caribbean, or in any part of the world, are Africans and belong to the Africa Nation.”

In recognition of this, the Wakanda Celebration attempts to contribute to a broader narrative about the nature of pan-Africanist consciousness. The mission of the Wakanda Celebration is to celebrate the unique traditions, beliefs, and cultural lifestyles of Africa. The performances and presentations selected for Wakanda Celebration amplify this reality.

For African Americans whose lineage is tenebrous because their forefathers were enslaved, a celebration like the Wakanda Celebration is a way to interact with a comprehensive African identity. Wakanda celebration is all about identity, unity, and community. It is about reclaiming our heritage, its power, and wealth.

From the outset, the celebration has had clear goals. It was conceived and birthed as a tool to build community and celebrate Africanness. Within a context of cultural celebration and reflection, what stands out as exciting and fresh about Wakanda Celebration is that it serves as an avenue to connect with your identity, engage with the African continent, and show your appreciation of African culture and your support of the Black community. A significant way to further investigate one’s cultural roots is by immersing oneself in the spirit and essence of the Wakanda Kingdom, a place for us and by us, where everyone in the diaspora has a place they call home.

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