A Cultural Escape in the Heart of Mount Vernon

A Cultural Escape in the Heart of Mount Vernon

Wakanda Celebration: Arts, Culture, Music, and Fashion in Mount Vernon, NY


A live event in Mount Vernon, hosting performances from some of the best African artists in the diaspora. With spectators reveling in moments of great festivity while perceiving the aroma of delicious African cuisines. Revelers, dancing to the live sound of African music and drum medleys! 

It almost seems too good to be true. But you didn’t dream it up; it happened!


Celebrations are a fundamental piece of the African culture, and on the 4th of September, 2021, Mount Vernon resembled Africa’s cultural heartland, an open-air living museum of vibrant color and culture. Since its founding in 2018, the daylong cultural Celebration has been observed with singing and dancing, African art on display, storytelling, African fashion showcase, mouth-wateringly delicious foods, and so much more.

This year, the Wakanda Celebration delivered an event of immense cultural value. To kick things off, the Ice Cold Experience paraded the Celebration grounds with a magnificent drumline that got everyone on their feet.


Next up, the pouring of libation accompanied by a medley of African drumming. Music and dance are a staple of African culture, and the breadth and versatility were on full display at the Celebration. The revelers grooved to sounds from South Africa, Tanzania, Cameroon, Nigeria, and so much more. The Celebration performers provided nonstop music and entertainment throughout the entire day.


The Children’s Village also featured various activities, from African face painting to storytelling and African language learning; there was never a dull moment in the village.




The Fusha Dance Company beckoned the spectators to join the dance performance. Spectators were taught different African dance steps, and they danced in a circle with so much joy, reminiscent of the village square in African communities.


 There were a variety of food stalls to choose from at the Celebration. The happy revelers enjoyed a great fusion of traditional cuisines from many countries.


 All sun and smiles pored over the next ready-to-wear and accessory must-haves at the Wakanda Celebration Market. Attendees could not get enough of the unique traditional clothing and authentic African art.



Finally, the Luangisa Wearable Art Experience featured an array of eye-catching fashion items from the iconic Luangisa African Gallery. The Wearable Art Experience is a fan favorite at the Celebration, and this year was no exception. There were many cheers and phone clicks as models sauntered down the runway in different African traditional and luxury items.



  1. The Celebration of African Culture!


African culture is one of the richest globally, and the Wakanda Celebration was a truly African experience. Showcasing elements of an African celebration in a concert style, the Wakanda Celebration featured, among other things, the remarkable Pitra The First singing the Tanzanian National Anthem and the Ice Cold Experience band parading the festival grounds with an excellent drumline procession.

 Afro-groove artist, Kaissa paid homage to the Afrobeat Legend, Fela, performing “Water” to an ecstatic crowd. Next, afro-soul singer Koku Gonza performed a medley of her international hit songs. Finally, the Fusha Dance troupe encouraged revelers to participate in the music’s beat during the dance segment, finishing with the Luangisa Wearable Art Experience.

 Much of what people know about Africa is the beautiful architecture and Safari. However, the Wakanda Celebration shows people that there’s so much more to the region, including the food, dancing, music, art, and of course, the warm African people.


  1. The Wakanda Celebration Market


As a colorful celebration of heritage, culture, and traditions, the Wakanda Celebration Market contained a magnificent collection of Iconic African pieces. Attendees shopped for stunning crafts such as timepieces, accessories, traditional clothing, books, artifacts, and so much more.

  1. The Community


The WC is a celebration of culture and continues to thrive as a platform for the community. One of the charms of the Wakanda Celebration is when attendees let loose and have a good time. They sang along to Miriam Makeba’s Tapa Tapa and took center stage during the Fusha Dance community dance call. The Wakanda Celebration is an important cultural event that involves the community in a new and unique way. Community organizations impacted knowledge; local artists performed and sold their work; new people appreciated art and African culture.


The Wakanda Celebration has seen tremendous growth over the years, cementing itself as a significant event in African culture. An acute sense of community characterized the Wakanda Celebration. The Celebration featured artists, community leaders, corporate leaders, and community members all uniting to celebrate African pride, identity, unity, and community and showing their gratitude for the delight and inspiration that Wakanda Celebration provides.


For even more images of the Wakanda Celebration, click here and be sure to check out our social media page for more information on the 2022 date for the Wakanda Celebration!

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