5 Handmade Gifts from Africa for Father's Day

5 Handmade Gifts from Africa for Father's Day

With Father's Day right around the corner, it's so important to get your Dad or Father-figure something special. At Luangisa African Gallery, we offer a curated selection of handmade gifts from Africa for Dads featuring ties, sculptures, belts, and more. Read on for some incredible and truly unique selections below:

1. Ties: Our African Kanga Neckties is the perfect gift for a 9-5-type of Dad who wants to show off some of his style. These fashionable ties are handmade in Tanzanian by female artisans from colorful Kanga textiles. This fabric is a staple in East African fashion and comes in an array of brilliant colors and elaborate patterns. Get one -- or all of them for Dad!
2. Belts: Our Maasai Beaded Belts will give your Dad a special edge as they showcase the hand beating of the Maasai women of Tanzania. We carry an array of designs, colors, and sizes.
3. Bracelets: Our Ebony Wood Unisex Bracelets are the perfect way to showcase the incredible work of the Makonde artisans from Tanzania. Hand carved out of 100% Tanzanian ebony wood, artisans craft and create the pieces into fashionable beads that look great on any wrist. 
4. Backpack: For the Dad on-the-go, get them our Kitenage Patch Backpack. a stylish and unique way to carry all of their everyday essentials. This beautiful and hand sewn backpack is made by female artisans in Tanzania, where, incredibly, each patch is hand picked and sewn together to create the unique quilt-like look. Perfect as a gym, work, or diaper bag. 

5. Art: For the artsy Dad in your life, get them a piece that will last forever with our Makonda Ujamma Family Tree of Life SculptureThis sculpture depicts several interlocking human figures, as a symbol of unity and continuity.  The powerful Ujamaa art represents the extended African family living and working together to achieve a common goal, which is nurturing and caring for the family.
We hope this list helped you to find the perfect gift for Father's Day with some new and meaningful pieces that they will treasure forever.
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