Mud Cloth Messenger Bag Black | Made in Mali

$ 45.00

The functional yet fashionable Mud Cloth Messenger Bag is made from hand dyed fabric that originated from the people of Mali. The cloth gets its name from the cotton fabric that is traditionally dyed with fermented mud. The process begins with white hand-spun cotton, and then the designs are applied with mud, rust, and, a variety of natural dyes. From start to finish the intricate process can take up to four days. An authentic Mud Cloth fabric is more than a simple textile; it is an art-form used to tell the story of a people, explain the creation of the world, or simply express the artistic vision of the artisan.

This Mud Cloth messenger bag is black and white with a total of 3 pockets, one of which can fit most cell phone sizes. The back of the bag is 100% Tanzanian black backing. Please note no two bags are exactly the same. Our website photos are a close representation of this bag, but may not be identical to the one you receive.

Dimensions: Adjustable strap is approximately 42" L. Bag space is 11" W.  Phone pocket is 7" L X 5" W (fits all cell phones). Flap pocket 8" L X 7" W.