Beautiful Table Settings and Home Decor for the Holidays from Luangisa African Gallery

Beautiful Table Settings and Home Decor for the Holidays from Luangisa African Gallery

It is the holiday season! Whether celebrating Kwanzaa or hosting a large Thanksgiving feast with friends and family or having an intimate dinner with your immediate family, your dining table setting style should project a message of Thanksgiving and highlight your favorite dishes.




This holiday season, depart from the traditional table décor. Instead, differentiate your table-scape with a welcome dose of artistic elegance, character, visual interest, and the artisan touch from the table setting offerings, ethically sourced from across Africa by Luangisa African Gallery.

Show off your design skills by displaying handmade items from different cultures, intentionally grouping them to create an authentic traditional vibe. Each lovingly created design, from placemats, breadbasket to the fruit bowl, utensils, flatware pieces, Makonde Art centerpieces, and tablecloths, creates a festive atmosphere that appeals to all the senses and helps convey a message of gratitude and community.

At Luangisa, we recognize that the table setting style adds to the environment of a meal and establishes the tone at Thanksgiving. Therefore, we have curated a beautiful selection of artisan-made centerpieces, flatware, placemats, decorative accessories, and tablecloth that might serve as an inspiration or help you achieve an elevated Thanksgiving atmosphere.


The easiest way to make a table look sophisticated in no time is to opt for a unifying centerpiece. This Thanksgiving, choose items with meaning and history. You want your table decor to add a grounding element steeped in community nostalgia and perhaps even serve as a discussion piece in the room.


Add a spirit of community to your holiday table with our Makonde Ujamaa Family Tree of Life Sculpture, handmade in Tanzania from 100% Tanzanian Ebony Wood. These unique works of art will give your table a sophisticated element.


ANKOLE ORGANIC TRAY – Our Ankole Organic Tray makes a gorgeous centerpiece. Cast a note of traditional elegance onto the holiday table with this unique work of art.



BEADED NDEBELE TRAY WITH MIRROR - The centerpiece should be attractive, like this beautiful Beaded Ndebele Tray with Mirror.


ANKOLE VASE: Center your table décor around our Ankole Vase. Handmade in Uganda from ethically sourced Anklole cow horn, this vase lends an earthy tone to your table. 

BASKETS: If you are a host who loves to strike a balance between subtle and statement, Luangisa offers various great centerpieces that invite texture to any table.


Thanksgiving is about celebrating the harvest season, so bring some of the earth’s bounty to your dinner table with our Tonga Pattern Basket Bowls. These beautifully textured baskets are handwoven from ilala palm fibers native to Zimbabwe.


Lend an earthy, natural tone to your table with our Cowrie Shell Bowls. Handmade in Burkina Faso, these adorable serving bowls will add intrigue to your tablescape.




Other options for eye-catching centerpieces include Turkana Organic Bowl and Massai Warrior Family Sculpture.

PATTERN PLAY: Entertain in Style with Layered Textiles and Textures

Make mealtime at your thanksgiving dinner a whole harmony of beauty. Breathe some life to your dining table with an assortment of eye-catching designs.



If your goal is to make a statement, use an unconventional item, like our Hand-Sewn Table Place Mat Kitenge Patch.Handmade in Tanzania by women artisans, this scene-stealing placemat features an alluring pattern made of colorful pieces of fabric worn and found in East Africa, West Africa, and Central Africa. Bursting with vibrant colors, this Kitenge placemat will help set the mood and compliment any Thanksgiving Table Setting theme.

Embrace African culture with this textured flatware:



Beaded Serving SpoonA hostess’s dream, the hand-beaded serving spoon features a sophisticated pattern of brown, gold, and silver glass beads.

Hand Beaded Serving Spoon & Salad Set - Hand beaded by Zimbabwe Artisans using multi-colored glass beads, this serving set is unique and hand-beaded to give the perfect ethnic aesthetic.

For an unexpected touch to your holiday table, incorporate our lovingly made mini appetizer flatware:


Beaded Mini Appetizer ForksBeaded mini appetizer forks set of 6. Hand beaded by Zimbabwe Artisans using black, cream, gold, and silver glass beads.


Beaded Mini Dessert Spoons - Beaded mini appetizer spoons set of 6. Hand beaded by Zimbabwe Artisans using black, cream, gold, and silver glass beads. 

MATERIAL PLAY: Give your Table Scape a dash of depth and dimension with our Tie Dye Multi-Use Wrap


Our bold and rich-colored Tie Dye Multi-Use Wrap is a great way to give your dining room table a little personality if you want to spruce up your table settings with a tablecloth. Handmade from 100% Tanzanian cotton material and tie-dyed in a combination of beautiful eye-catching colors, the splash of color can transform an ordinary table into an unforgettable dining experience.



Entertaining Guests Outdoors? Celebrate the beauty of fall and nature with an outdoor Thanksgiving table display. Our hand-carved Massai Warrior Male Bust with Bark and Massai Warrior Female Bust with Bark is the perfect table decorations that can add to the earthy ambiance of your outdoor setting. Made from 100% Tanzanian Ebony Wood, these unique works of art are the perfect way to put a spin on Thanksgiving if you are craving a different style this year.


To ensure that guests feel warm outdoors, add our Kuba & Bark Pillow Cover and Massai Warrior Pillow Cover to your outdoor décor. These pillows infuse any space with a pop of personality and help set a welcoming atmosphere.


Want to know more about the Luangisa Thanksgiving Table and holiday offerings? Click here to find out what resonates with you most.

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