An Ode to All Things Green for Earth Day from Luangisa African Gallery

An Ode to All Things Green for Earth Day from Luangisa African Gallery

Why celebrate Mother Earth one day a year? Read on to discover some ways to to incorporate Earth Day into your daily life featuring fashions and home decor items from Luangisa African Gallery, plus a fun way to showcase green all year long!

1. Tote Bags: Choose an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bags and look fashionable while doing it. Check out our Kanga Tote Bag or our Tie Dye Tote Bag, both made from 100% Tanzania Cotton, a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable fabric that's perfect for all seasons.

2. If you love the tie dye look you can make your own creation with our one-of-a-kind, handmade, Tie Dye Fabric




3. Home Decor:  Enhance your home with the power of green, such as our Calabash Child Painting reminds us of the importance of clean water for all communities. The Benin Bronze Leopard represents this powerful and fierce animal while the Namji Dolls, handmade by the Namji tribe in Cameroon, makes for the perfect addition to any home.

Another way to add green into your home is with our Juju Hats. Handmade by the Bamileke women in West Cameroon, these decorative pieces 


4. Fashion and Accessories: Brighten up to your ears with our Duara Beaded Earrings handmade from Maasai glass beads by women artisans in Tanzania. Or, you can wear try our Chimbu Triple Beaded Necklace made using traditional beading techniques infused with modern aesthetics. And for your time outdoors, the Xhosa Poncho in Green will keep you covered from the sun in style.

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