Mud Cloth Wall Art 2

$ 375.00

Bogolan, better known as Mud Cloth is a handmade Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud.  Originated from Mali, the process of making the fabric is both time consuming and labor intensive. It involves starting with a white hand-spun cotton, and then applying the designs with mud, rust and a variety of natural dyes. Mud is usually collected from ponds and left to ferment for varying amounts of time before it is applied onto the fabric. From start to finish the process can take up to four days. An authentic Mud Cloth fabric is more than a simple textile; indeed it is an art-form used to tell the story of a people, explain the making of the world, or to simply express the artistic vision of the maker.

Mudcloth wall art with decorative accessories at the bottom and top.   A beautiful wall piece for your house. Comes with a rod and leather strap ready to be hung.  Please note each artifact is unique. 

Dimensions: Approximately 45" L x 23" W

Please note no two are the same.