Masai Male Lamp Base with Kuba Cloth Shade

$ 950.00

The Masai male lamp base is made out of authentic ebony wood.  Lamp base is hand carved by the Makonde tribe from Tanzania.  Masai Warriors live in Southern Kenya and Northeastern Tanzania within the many game parks.  They have become an icon for the richness and diversity of our country's culture.  Their traditions, beliefs and routines have changed little since the dawn of history. 

The Kuba cloth is woven from raffia palm leaves in Congo. The men of the tribe traditionally are responsible for manufacture of the cloth, and the women do the intricate decoration. The Kuba weave is a laborious task from start to finish and remarkably the design is not marked on the mat before weaving.  The cloth is especially symbolic to the Kuba people in after-life symbolism.  

Dimensions:  Sculpture is approximately 17" H x 10" W

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