Ginger Reverse Basket 6

$ 30.00

In Uganda, most of the baskets are made from a local fiber taken from a palm leaf called raffia which is wrapped around long strips of banana leaf stems.  Artisans also make a range of baskets that use a combination of banana fiber (which comes from the bark of the banana tree) and raffia wrapped over coils of banana leaf stems.  Basket weaving is carried out from the woman’s home in between her other domestic duties.  The knowledge on how to weave has been mostly passed down from generation to generation.  The basket is a perfect gift which can be highly functional or purely decorative.   Has a loop for hanging or can be placed on a easel.

Please note, no two baskets are exactly the same due to being hand made.   This basket has a beautiful color combination, the blues and natural white.  Variations in color will occur and may not be identical to the one you receive. 

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